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As the NDIS participant/nominee, you have options to manage the money from your NDIS plan.

When you apply for funding with the NDIS, or with your Local Area Co-Ordinator (LAC), you will be asked how you want to manage your funding budget.

It is up to you, the NDIS participant/nominee to choose the method that suits you best.

Below is a comparison of the three specific options:

NDIS Managed

  • NDIA pay support providers directly
  • You can only use NDIS registered providers

Self Managed

  • You pay provider bills yourself and submit claims for reimbursement
  • Maintain records
  • You can use any provider including those not NDIS registered
  • You may employ support staff directly

Plan Managed

by a registered professional, like Symmetrii Plan Managers

  • Symmetrii can manage your funding by paying providers and being reimbursed from the NDIS portal
  • We provide you with monthly financial activity statements
  • You can use any provider including those not NDIS registered
  • No cost to you, the participant

If you nominate a plan manager, such as Symmetrii Plan Managers, to manage your NDIS budget, you will need to ensure that your planner includes a provision for plan management services in your NDIS funding budget. Symmetrii Plan Management receives separate funding to your plan which does not reduce your support funding. NDIS then pays us directly for the financial intermediary service provided to you, so there is no cost to you and no impact on the funding you receive for your other support services.

As your nominated plan manager, Symmetrii will take responsibility for paying your providers and submitting claims to the NDIS portal.

Simply choose one of the following options:

  1. Email your authorised invoice/s to us
  2. Mail your signed invoice/s to our mailing address
  3. Set up a standing authorisation for the service providers of your choice

We will process authorised invoices within two business days, under your valid NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan.

You will also receive regular activity statements to assist with tracking your spending.


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